What is Boring Money about?

I was always a reader. When I was a kid, I’d begin my day reading the newspaper. I’d start from the last—the sports section. But then I’d religiously flip from back to front, eventually reading the front page headlines. Usually something political.

Then I’d get to the supplements. If it was a Sunday, I’d start with the Sunday magazine. There would be a tech section. I’d love that! On a weekday, I’d go right to the gossip supplement. The Bombay Times, or an equivalent.

But there is a certain supplement that I’d skip. The pink sheets. The finance or the business news. The boring stuff that only old uncles found value in.

This really did not change until many, many years since. Right out of college, I became a journalist at The Ken. This was a publication that tried to be different. That wanted to be different. Sure, I mean, there was some mixed success there.

But bah, I still found the business supplement to be drab and boring. But sure, I read them every now and then because that’s what the job demanded.

But then I discovered Matt Levine’s Money Stuff. And my world changed

I discovered that finance wasn’t what the dead, dripping pink sheets were selling. It was a universe of its own, with only a thin film hiding it from the rest of the world. There was conflict, there was emotion—greed, happiness, regret. There were aspirations, there was opportunity. But most importantly, there was lots and lots of humour.

This is really all that Boring Money is about. The pink sheets are boring, probably always will be. There’s a lot of interesting, funny stuff happening in finance. I’d like to write about it.

How much does it cost?

Boring Money’s main posts (about 2 every month) are free to read. But I also offer a paid subscription priced at ₹4,000 or $50 annually with a MYSTERY POST every month.

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