About Boring Money

Boring Money is a newsletter to make financial news from India accessible.

The goal is to not make the reader more aware but to offer her something that can ignite an interest, amuse and genuinely give her joy.

The pink sheets of any Indian newspaper are read by two types of folks: the first is the serious professional, they may be a banker, investor or the likes. They read the jargon and feel comfortable in knowing that they recognise the jargon in the text back from B-School.

The second reader is the typical Indian uncle who reads hoping to find their next stock pick. They don’t understand the jargon—at all—but feel proud reading it anyway.

The professional reads the pink sheets because it be useful for their job. The retail investor reads it because they feel it might help them make some money.

Boring Money wants to create a third category of reader of financial news. One that is curious about the world even if it’s inconsequential to how they live their lives.


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Stories about finance in India. Some chaotic, all fun