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First of all thanks for sharing your knowledge here.

My opinion is need more blogs from you like the dots you connected in Adani fund issues.

Do continuously write where everyone lacking that part now a days and your blog made me curious to understand more because of that after I read your blog I will go and check other sources for details. That's makes me to read more.

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The posts have been great so far!

With regards to the paid plan question, in the survey. It totally depends on the value of the plan and posts per month.

I guess it's cost needs to be proportional to the effort you put in, probably need an entire survey just for that.

Thanks for the all fascinating content! The context and background information provided in each post really help make it easy to digest, and also show how absurd finance can be sometimes

(PS. The Google form link didn't work on Firefox Android (but it worked on Chrome))

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